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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is here to provide a solution for your needs of industrial in Indonesia with a complete range of solar inverter from Friem, thanks to the long experience in PV plants, FRIEM has developed a comprehensive line of DC/AC solar inverters and complete solutions for solar applications.

FRIEM’s Renewable Energy Converter (RECon) line has been designed to provide high performance and solid solutions to:

  • Central inverters RECon75 dedicated to utility-scale multimegawatt PV plants;


Friem Solar Inverter RECon 75HV Line (1500 V)

Power range: 780kW – 2340kW (@600V),
AC Voltage range: 570V to 630V
Maximum efficiency: 98.6%
MPPT range: 900V – 1300V.
Protection degree: IP54 (suitable for outdoor)

The new Inverter Line RECon 75-HV has been
developed thanks to the huge experience matured
by FRIEM in the grid-connected solar Inverters,
of the RECon 30 and RECon 2.30 lines.
The RECon 75-HV is designed to satisfy the new main
requirements of the utility-scale plants like higher
Power Density and higher DC Voltage, to allow BOS
Optimization and cost saving.
Besides these new features, the RECon 75-HV still
maintains the previous FRIEM’s Inverters main
characteristics and advantages like:
• Modular and compact design
• Parallel/Independent Modular Configuration
• Easy Maintenance: Power Section fully withdrawable
• Fully Automated Regulation, Control, and Protection
• Highest Conversion Efficiency
• Touch Screen Operator Panel
• Standard Serial Communication Protocols
• Conformance to the IEC Standards, CE Directives,
and to the different countries grid codes.

Outdoor Solution
RECon 75-HV Line Inverters are available also in
outdoor execution with IP54 protection degree,
IP66 for the control.

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