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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is here to provide a solution for your needs of industrial in Indonesia with a complete range of solar inverter from Friem, thanks to the long experience in PV plants, FRIEM has developed a comprehensive line of DC/AC solar inverters and complete solutions for solar applications.

FRIEM’s Renewable Energy Converter (RECon) line has been designed to provide high performance and solid solutions to:

  • Modular inverters RECon30 and RECon 2.30 dedicated to industrial and commercial buildings (PV power from 100kW to 1200kW);

  • Central inverters RECon75 dedicated to utility-scale multimegawatt PV plants;

  • Solar Stations RST dedicated to large-scale PV power generation.


Friem Solar Inverter String Box

Effective solution up to 36 strings with disconnecting switch
Robust, weatherproof case suitable for outdoor installation
Fully protected for safe operation

FRIEM string box enables the parallel connection up to
36 inputs through a disconnecting switch, are connected
to the Inverter. The string box has also an overvoltage
protection device. The continuous measurement of the
current for each string, of the irradiation and temperature
of the panels (through dedicated sensors), allows a
complete check of the operation of the solar modules.

A transmission of measures and of protection’s status
through serial communication with the inverters are
integrated in the monitoring system. The cover of the
string box is realized in strong, weatherproof, polyester
laminated glass with IP65 protection degree suitable
for indoor and protected outdoor installation.

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