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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is here to provide a solution for your industrial labeling machine needs with a complete range automatic labeling machines (labelers) for glass, plastic, and metal containers, for the beverage, food, household /personal care, wines/spirits, chemical, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries in Indonesia.


FORMSLEEVE+ is a modular labelling machine that allows the application of a tubular sleeve created in the machine from roll fed labels film stock.
The sleeve is created on a series of motorized mandrels through the use of vacuum technology. Thanks to the unique application of liquid bonding solution, the high shrinking label film can be sealed correctly and strongly, hence creating the sleeve.
The created sleeve is then lowered and applied to the container. A heat tunnel positioned at the outfeed of the labeller completes the shrinking process.
The creation of the sleeve is integrated into the labelling process therefore resulting in significant cost savings in printed film material against the traditional sleeve converting process.

This new process, thanks to SACMI consolidated Roll Fed technology, allows higher autonomy and lower maintenance in comparison to other complicated welding systems on the market. 
It is also easily adaptable to handle different label film material types, thicknesses and applications. 
Today it represents the most efficient and cost saving al-ternative to classic tubular sleeve labelling.

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