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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is here to provide a solution for your Industrial Labeling Machine needs, a Complete range of machines (labelers) for glass, plastic, and metal containers, for the beverage, food, household /personal care, wines/spirits, chemical, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries in Jakarta Indonesia.

Sacmi Inspection Systems for Labeling

LVS360 – In-line Vision System for Quality Control of Labeling

In-line inspection system for labeling inspection on unoriented containers having any shape. Thanks to innovative algorithms developed by SACMI R&D, it is capable to realize a perfect 2D reconstruction of a 3D object even if without circular symmetries. Made in stainelss steel and designed to be water-resistant, it can be fully washed even with free water.

LVS001RF – Vision System for Roll-Fed label inspection

LVS001RF is a vision system designed to detect defects produced by Roll-Fed labelling process. It can be completed with different optionals to control cap, level, bar-code and legal notices.

LVS001HQ – Vision System for labelling inspection

LVS001HQ – Vision system for quality control of labeling fully integrated into OPERA labeling machine.

LVS002 – Vision systems for electronic orientation of bottles

Vision system for the electronic orienting of bottles, fully integrated into Opera labeling machines. It grants a very high orienting accuracy even at the highest production speed. It is able to identify embossed logos, glass soldier lines and glassworks codes.

CPE – Labeling Quality control with sensors

CPE – Entry-level system for labeling Quality Control made using sensors

Ejection devices for bottles

Complete range of ejection devices for containers made of different materials (plastic, glass, metal). Available in the following versions: Single-push, Multi-push 8 segments, Multi-push 16 segments and speed up to 70,000 bottles/h

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