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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana is here to provide a solution for your needs with a complete range of industrial automatic labeling machines, the machine (labelers) can be used for glass, plastic, and metal containers, for the beverage, food, household /personal care, wines/spirits, chemical, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries in Indonesia.

SACMI Opera Combined Labellers

Opera Combi Modul labeller is the most effective response to the request for flexibility in labelling applications, using combined technologies. 
Each module consists of a fixed or removable labelling station; the removable one can be easily connected and disconnected from the machine base frame and replaced by other modules having different technologies and performances.

The Opera Modul labelling machine can work with the following labelling stations :

  • Cold glue labelling station

  • Hot melt labelling station

  • Roll-fed labelling station

  • Pressure sensitive labelling station





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