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PT Anugerah Indah Perdana Supply a Complete range of industrial labeling machines the machine(labelers) can be used for glass, plastic, and metal containers, for the beverage, food, household /personal care, wines/spirits, chemical, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries in Jakarta Indonesia.


Opera Roll Fed guaratees a perfect labelling system at high speed.
It may handle either cylindrical or shaped containers, made of PET, glass or metal, and it may apply wraparound labels.

It has been conceived to guarantee the maintenance and lubrification reduced to the minimun.

It has low operation life cost.
The transfer of the label from the cutting drum to the bottle is carried out by means of an aluminium vacuum drum without grippers. In this way the labelling process is less critical.
It can be equippped with the automatic double reel autosplicer to work in continuos.

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