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PT Anugerah Indah Perkasa is here to provide a solution for your power converter needs in Indonesia with the support of  Friem with their more than 60 years of experience, FRIEM is World Leader in the design and manufacturing of Special Rectifiers and Power Converters for Industrial Applications rated up to 200 kA and 2000 V.
With continuous investments in research and development, FRIEM is capable to provide a complete Conversion System tailored on Customers’ requests, suited with each type of semiconductor (diodes, thyristors or IGBTs) and with the most advanced Digital Regulations and electronics.

Friem Power Converter SPS-AC Line

The new SPS-AC Line, the latest generation of AC technology Power Supply for PolySilicon production. CVD Reactors No. of Rods: greater than 100.


SPS-AC Power Supply
Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture High Power
Converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how
in energy conversion particularly for the electrochemical
industry. Thanks to its experience, in 1984 FRIEM could
start its first Power Supply for a PolySilicon CVD Reactor.
Its vast knowledge in such a particular field and its
capability of following the requests of continuous
improvement coming from the market, drove FRIEM
to develop the new SPS-AC Line, the latest generation
of AC technology Power Supply for PolySilicon production.
CVD Reactors No. of Rods: greater than 100!
SPS-AC Advantages
Increased Production Capacity
The design of the SPS system is based on the Load
Supply Independency achieved with multi-phases
Transformers and independent SVV Power Controllers.
This design grants the best Production continuity
and capacity among all the AC Power Supply Systems.
Moreover each SVV Power Controller is provided
with the Re-start function: in case of a transient fault,
the SVV Power Controller automatically re-starts
allowing the Reactor to continue the production.
Improved Harmonics and Power Factor
The Harmonics and Power Factor are improved thanks
to the multi-phases design and to the voltage sequence
control (VSC) used in the SPS-AC.
Reduced Unbalance on the MV Phases
The multi-phases design, besides granting the Load Supply
Independency, is able to reduce the unbalance on the MV
phases from typical value of 20% down to the 5%.
High Electrical Efficiency
FRIEM’s AC Thyristor Technology grants the highest
electrical efficiency.
Compact Size
Reduced number and size of cubicles, reduced space
and time required for installation and start-up.

SPS-AC Line General Characteristics

SPS-AC Line General Characteristics
• Re-start Function and Protections: Maximum
Production capacity together with safety.
• μ-Processor Current Regulation: High Accuracy
and Fast Response.
• User-Friendly HMI: Reduced Commissioning Time
and High Process Optimization.
• Measurements and Recording:
– Current, Voltage and Power of Each SVV Power
– Complete list of Alarms, Events and Trip recording.
– Oscillographic Recordings and Load Profile.
• Bars to ground: Provided with self-diagnostic
and/or redundant system.
• Machine Protections: Thyristor/Fuse Failure,
Overcurrent, Over/Under Voltage, Over Temperature,
Cooling System Failure.
• System Protections: Bars to Ground Protection,
Silicon Rods Break (with Automatic Restart).
• Self-diagnostic: Communication Failure, Internal Fault,
Lack of Aux. Power Supply

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