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Full-Web Wrapping

Full web wrapping is the ideal process for long and variable sizes loads.

It actually allows laying a film extract from two reels, to get a web. The load pass through the web, that is once again sealed on the back of the product. Then the product is completely wrapped without any deformation.



The full web wrapping process can be used with the two following technologies, that can also be associated :


  • Stretch

Before the lay, the film web is pre-stretched to ensure a perfect maintenance of the load thanks to its “elastic memory”.

  • Shrink

In the shrink technology, the film is layed and then heated ,which allows to get a perfect shrinking that suits the load to ensure the best its protection and stability.

  • Stretch-shrink

In this combinated technology, the stretch-shrink film is first pre-stretched and then layed to ensure a strengthen stability of unstable loads during their transfer.The shrinking stage takes less time.


Overwrapping by full web wrapping : a real expert process !

Complete lines and its safety fences

Web opening DRA-PAL


The DRA-PAL range offers solutions from 10 to 400 p/h.


Example of full web wrapping with the DRA-PAL 7000 :
– Effective retention of the load,
– Aesthetic overwrapping,
– High capacity and autonomy,
– Economical cost price,
– Moveable web for a perfect adaptation to sizes variations.


Example of in line top sheet application
The TOP-PAL range offers in or off line top sheet applications, with in built or floor level film reels.


Example of a gas heated shrink frame with the HOT-PAL 2000:
– Flawless shrink and flexibility,
– Wide performance range,
– Working and maintenance ergonomics,
– Comprehensive safety features.

Example of an electrically heated shrink frame with the HOT-PAL 2300:

– Increased running safety
– High heat efficiency
– Excellent shrinking quality.

Example of a shrink oven with the RETRA-PAL RPA: 

– Excellent shrinking quality
– High flexibility,
– Reduced operation cost

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