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PT Anugerah Indah Perkasa is here to provide a solution for your rectifier needs in Indonesia with the support of  Friem with their more than 60 years of experience, FRIEM is World Leader in the design and manufacturing of Special Rectifiers and Power Converters for Industrial Applications rated up to 200 kA and 2000 V.
With continuous investments in research and development, FRIEM is capable to provide a complete Conversion System tailored on Customers’ requests, suited with each type of semiconductor (diodes, thyristors or IGBTs) and with the most advanced Digital Regulations and electronics.

Friem Transformer Rectifier and Power Converters

Special Rectifiers and Power Converters (IEC ord ANSI/IEEE Standards compliant) tailored on Customers’ application to reach the best trade-off between technical performances and operational flexibility.

With more than 60 years experience FRIEM is World
Leader in the design and manufacturing of Special
Rectifiers and Power Converters.
Reliability, availability and efficiency are granted by our
dedicated solutions for the power section and for the
control. Moreover we can test the Rectifiers up to more
than 50kA and the Power Converters up to 1 MVA in our
Test Rooms. FRIEM is capable of supplying air, water and
deionized water cooled Rectifiers and Converters giving
the customera complete Conversion System tailored
on his application and complying with IEC or ANSI/IEEE
Advantages and Protection Features
Reliability and Availability
• N+1 Semiconductors redundancy: standard
• Cooling System redundancy: standard
• Control System self-diagnostic: standard
Efficiency Short Delivery and Start-Up Time
• Proprietary Internal Busbar design with reduced
• Simplified design of Transformer-Rectifier Connection
• Optimised design for phases and thyristors balancing

Short Delivery and Start-Up Time
• Reduced delivery time thanks to Modular design
• Reduced installation and commissioning time
• Fast Start-up and operation turning with the
dedicated Digital Regulator
• Latest IEC and ANSI/IEEE Standards
• FRIEM design protection devices
Protection Features
• O/C, O/V, U/V, Phase Sequence Protection
• Overcurrent and Short circuit protection at the
Rectifier Input
• Semiconductor Protection and Alarm devices
• (N+1) or (N+2) Semiconductor redundancy
• Automatic Protection against Output Circuit Opening
• Supervision and control of current sharing between
Electrolysis Cell Lines in parallel
• DC Earth Fault protection
• Arc Flash Protection
• Free Wheeling System
• Full Temperature monitoring and Thermal protection
• Thyristors/Fuses temperature monitor
• Cooling Circuit monitoring (Pressure, Flow Rate,

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